Sunday, July 9, 2017

A collection of Packards
at the Automobile Driving Museum
The Automotive Driving Museum (ADM) located at 610 Lairport Street in El Segundo California near the LAX airport featured a number of Packard collector cars, making this museum a great place to visit.


One of the earliest Packards on display is this 1916 Packard “Twin Six” 12-cylinder 4-passenger convertible. In response to Cadillac’s introduction of a V-8 engine, Packard’s new chief engineer Jesse Vincent designed and developed the “Twin Six” which was introduced to the buying public in 1916. This first production V-12 engine which in its first year did not have detachable cylinder heads produced 88 horsepower from 424 cubic inches.

Next in the chronological history of the ADM’s Packards is this 1929 Packard 633 4-passenger convertible one of four Packard models (629, 633, 640 and 645) offered that year. This particular car sold in Australia this it is equipped with right-hand drive, is also equipped with the extra-cost sold Disteel wheels.
We will close this article with another Packard twelve cylinder, this 1937 V-12 Convertible Sedan. The V-12 powerplant produces 174 horsepower from 473 cubic inches connected to a three-speed manual transmission in a chassis with a 144 inch (12-foot) wheelbase.



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