Friday, June 2, 2017

Order a 2018 calendar today and save 5 bucks!

My friend Pete Lyons is one of the greatest motorsports photographers and the best when it came to covering the nineteen sixties Can-Am series, the Group 7 "no rules racing series."

The cover of the Pete Lyons 2018 calendar

Pete annually produces a  jumbo format  wall-sized calendar that features the cars and stars of the Can-Am series, and his 2018 calendar will look back 50 years to the great 1968 Can-Am series 

 Pete is offering an "early-bird" discount for his 2018 calendar. If you order yours by August 31, 2017, and get your special price — just $24.99 (plus shipping & handling and California sales tax if applicable)

One of the "bonus" shots in the 2018 calendar

That's a savings of 5 bucks!

I've made it easy, just click this link to go directly to Pete's site

You know you're going to need a 2018 calendar- so order now and save!

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