Friday, March 4, 2016

“No one ever regretted buying quality”
the Hinchman story
Hinchman Racing Uniforms started the race suit industry in 1925 when  Peter DePaolo, who drove the winning Duesenberg in the 1925 Indianapolis 500-mile race wore the first Hinchman uniform.
This photo from the author's collection shows
Peter DePaolo is his Hinchman suit

In the past 90 years, Hinchman innovations have included:
The wrap around buttoned collar, first used by Hinchman, was developed after Eddie Sachs complained that the wind made the collars flap. Later  buttons were replaced by Velcro®

In 1966 Hinchman became the first racing suit manufacturer to use Nomex® in their suits, and In 1999 Hinchman was the first company to use the new fire resistant material called Carbon-X®.

 In 2004 Hinchman introduced their new lining called “Comfort Tech” which creates a 3-layer suit that is lighter, thinner, comfortable and more protective than most 2-layer suits.

In 2011, a Hinchman Racing Suit that was worn by actor Steve McQueen in the classic racing film LeMans fetched $984,000 at auction.

In 2013, Hinchman introduced its new 'Hinchman Performance' liner in its new HTO line of racing uniforms, and included it in the new "HP Series" in 2015.

Hinchman believes customer support after the sale is vital and is committed to customer satisfaction, just ask any racer wearing a Hinchman driving suit.

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