Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Graham Heath Racing Auction
scheduled for June 3
The Heath Kuris Kraft midget
A portion of the collection of the legendary Graham Heath will be auctioned at his shop in Madison, Indiana beginning at 10 AM on June 3rd 2017. This auction will sell Heath’s racing equipment - pieces and parts, tools, Ford V8-60 engines, a 1947 Kurtis Kraft midget, a Volkswagen powered caged midget and much more.
The Heath caged VW midget
The Heath shop is located at 648 Green Road (also known as highway 7) in Madison, which is located across Green Road from the US Post Office at the corner of Green Road and Orchard Street.  An second auction, of Heath's racing memorabilia, is scheduled for June 10 2017.  

Auction details are located at

Additional photographs of the auction items can be viewed at

Information and photographs provided by Bev Ringwald

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