Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A pair of Chevy street rods
at the Silicon Valley Auto Show
In addition to all the latest domestic and imported cars shown at the Silicon Valley Auto Show at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, there was a pair of street rods that were eye-catching.

The first was this 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo painted in a vibrant metal flake green hue that was definitely not a factory color in 1972 contrasted by a white interior and white vinyl top.
Under the hood was nicely detailed with a matching engine block and partially smoothed firewall.
In 1937 Chevrolet offered twelve models but only the Master Deluxe “GA” series offered the rumble seat coupe - this one in San Jose was mildly customized in a very tasteful fashion with a metallic brown finish.
The 1937 Chevrolet 216 cubic-inch overhead valve inline 6-cylinder engine was fitted with a single Carter downdraft carburetor. The all-new engine with full pressurized lubrication was  50 pounds lighter than in 1936 and with increased compression it developed 85 horsepower which matched the Ford V-8. This engine was used with changes through the 1963 model year.
In 1937 the re-styled Chevrolet body designed by Jules Agramonte, was Chevrolet’s first all-steel body and all the Chevrolets rode on a 112-inch wheelbase chassis. Chevrolet's investment of $26 million dollars in the new cars paid off as over 800,000 were sold in the 1937 model year, more than half a million of them the more-expensive Master Deluxe.   
All photographs by the author

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