Monday, August 29, 2016

Wienermobile sighting

While traveling on business recently in Bakersfield California the author encountered a very rare and unmistakable vehicle parked in a hotel parking lot.
The first Wienermobile hit the road in Chicago in 1936 and there are currently six full-size Weinermobiles on the road in the United States, built on the chassis of a GMC W-series medium duty truck which was built in Japan by Isuzu.
The Oscar Mayer rolling hot dogs are powered by 366-cubic inch Vortec V-8 engine which allegedly produces 300 horsepower. The conversion which is built of fiberglass was completed by Prototype Source Inc. in Goleta California, which specializes in mobile marketing vehicles – check out some of the other Prototype Source creations at

The Weinermobiles have their own website at

and you can follow them on Twitter at



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