Thursday, April 14, 2016


Halfway through Milan Design Week 2016, Garage Italia Customs, Fiat and Pepsi® unveiled a unique car, the Fiat 500 Pepsi®  “Live for Now” Car. The exclusive, one-of-a-kind Fiat 500 Pepsi® “Live for Now” Car will be on show inside the PepsiCo “Mix It Up” space, Superstudio 13, until April 17th.
In close collaboration with the PepsiCo Design & Innovation Center, Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia Customs Style Centre brought to life the fun, excitement and design essence of Pepsi® into a new medium – a Fiat 500. With the iconic Pepsi®  colors of blue, white and red for both its exterior and interior, this custom Fiat 500 has become a pure expression of pop.

The exterior was wrapped by first applying a Pepsi®  blue film on the bottom part of the car and digitally printing the tailor-made film for the top. A candy red film covers parts of the rims and the chrome details.

The interior treatment matches the exterior with the three Pepsi® colors, from the gear knob painting to the very particular 3D blue Foglizzo leather on the seats. The interior immediately calls to mind the effervescent bubbles of a refreshing Pepsi thanks to a special procedure of inserting a soft support inside the leather to recreate the 3D bubble effect on the seats upholstered in white and blue leather produced by Foglizzo, and the Garage Italia Customs artisans skillfully embroidered the iconic Pepsi® globe on the head rests.

The interior comes to life when a Pepsi® can is placed into the specific compartment in the center tunnel. A sensor activates the red DreamLux textile used to cover the headliner and door panels. Light is conducted through the optical fiber woven into the material lighting up the whole inside of the car.

After Milan Design Week 2016, the Fiat 500 Pepsi® “Live for Now” Car will be presented at various European events before heading to the Unites States.
Information and photos provided by Burner Communication -  Garage Italia Customs Press Office

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