Friday, February 19, 2016

PROFORM adds Black Diamond coatings

For more than 30 years, PROFORM has filled automotive enthusiasts' needs with affordable high quality parts.  The company evolved from rebuilding alternators and starters to designing and manufacturing innovative performance parts and job-specific tools. PROFORM "firsts" include introducing 100% new starters, alternators and distributors at costs comparable to rebuilt units.

PROFORM continues to evolve four-barrel carburetors - the company’s innovations began in 1998 when PROFORM introduced high-flow main bodies. Originally made from traditional zinc, and now of lightweight die-cast aluminum, these main bodies gave enthusiasts the ability to affordably bolt on 25 to 50 additional horsepower in about 30 minutes. A few years later, PROFORM unveiled its Race Series, and shortly thereafter Street Series lines of high-value complete carburetors.

PROFORM’S latest upgrade to its line of four-barrel carburetors is the addition of “Black Diamond” coating to its carburetors’ main bodies and fuel bowls. This non-stick coating has PTFE (popularly known as Teflon®), which improves heat-dissipation and durably combats dirt, oil, and rust. The “Black Diamond” coating reduces fuel temperature by as much as six percent. In addition to being denser for improved combustion, cooler fuel is less likely to vapor-lock.

New carburetor models -- all with mechanical secondaries -- range from 650 to 850 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) in the Street Series and 650 to 1050 CFM in the Race Series. Standard features on all Black Series PROFORM carburetors include billet metering blocks and baseplates, lightweight aluminum fuel bowls and main bodies, adjustable air and fuel settings for precision tuning, and compatibility with popular domestic automatic transmission kick downs. Each PROFORM carburetor is hand-assembled in the United States of America and engine-tested prior to shipping.

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Information and photos for this article provided by Tom Morr of Morr Media

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