Monday, February 22, 2016

NCMA sprint cars 2016 schedule

The Northern California Modified Association (NCMA)  a traveling series for non-wing “spec sprint” two (2) barrel carburetor  pavement sprint car series that races throughout Northern California, has released their 2016 season schedule.    

The NCMA website also has a unique invitation:  

“Do you have dirt or pavement sprint car sitting and you're looking for a place to race that pays the best out of any spec sprint car series?  NCMA just might be the place for you.  We have a rules package that makes it easy for dirt (combo cars) and pavement cars to compete together and be very competitive and it's easier than you may think.”

According to the NCMA, preparing a dirt car to run the pavement is not difficult and not expensive and takes just three easy steps.  1. Install a right front brake and six pin hub; 2. Put on a belly pan; 3. Get pavement tires (many NCMA members will be happy to loan a set of tires and help with wheels so you can give it a try). “

For more details check out the NCMA website

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