Wednesday, February 17, 2016

National Battery Day

It sits there out of sight under the hood of your car without recognition.  It does its job every day, reliably - until one day your car battery doesn’t start your car.

Then you call it every inappropriate name in the book, question its parentage and threaten it with banishment, all because you ignored it and didn’t maintain it. 

Tomorrow Thursday, February 18,on National Battery Day, do something nice for that trusted power source in your car. Open the hood and take a look for signs like a swollen battery case or corrosion on the terminals. 
If needs it, clean it up, or replace it. If you don't know how, have a professional mechanic or parts store employee check out your battery to make sure it doesn’t die on you just when you’re depending on it.

The folks at Meineke Car Care help celebrate National Battery Day

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