Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Historic Karts at Adams Motorsports Park this weekend

The 12th annual Vintage Kart Reunion will open at Adams Motorsport Park on Thursday February 4 2016 and continue through Saturday February 6. This year’s reunion is significant as 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first “go kart.”

Art Ingels a hot rodder and a fabricator at Kurtis-Kraft, Inc. in Los Angeles, California is generally acknowledged as the builder of the first “go-kart.” Art built his first kart in his home garage in 1956 using a surplus West Bend Company two-stroke cycle lawnmower engine attached to a rudimentary frame welded together from scrap pipe with a seat and steering wheel that rode on four industrial wheels. Ingels drove his kart around the Kurtis parking lot on his lunch break and on Sundays, he took his creation to the Rose Bowl parking lot. It was at the Rose Bowl that onlookers saw Ingels' kart and decided to build their own karts – thus the kart racing craze began.  
This weekend’s event is sanctioned by the Vintage Karting Association (VKA) for vintage karts manufactured in the years 1956 through 1985. The VKA promotes two types of vintage kart exhibitions - static display for judging with emphasis on originality and workmanship with period correct details, and active demonstrations where the karts operate on track.

The Adams Kart Track, part of the Adams Motorsports Park complex in Riverside, CA has been Southern California’s home for kart racing since 1959. Adams claims to be the longest continuously running kart racing facility in the world, a claim which also made by Whiteland Raceway Park in Indiana. The original Adams layout from 1959 remains, but the track has grown and changed to become one of the most challenging kart racing circuits in the world with its famous “Little Monza” corner.  

There will be twelve VKA kart classes on track this weekend, ranging from historic karts and engines (from 1956 thru 1964), to sidewinder and rear engine karts, with engines of 100 or 135 cubic centimeter (CC) displacement, single and dual engines, and even classes for juniors, women racers and racers over 60. 

Adams Motorsports Park is located 5292 24th Street, Riverside, California just north of the 60 Freeway at the corner of 24th and Market.

For more details, check out the Adams Motorsports Park website at: http://www.adamsmotorsportspark.com
Information for this article provided by Adams Motorsports Park and the Vintage Karting Association

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