Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Garage Italia Customs Jeep Renegade

Garage Italia Customs recently was once again on the front lines of a charity initiative. Lapo Elkann’s custom car shop chose to support the Womanity Foundation and created a completely tailor-made 2016 Jeep Renegade for the occasion.
The Womanity Foundation was established in 2005 by Yann Borgstedt, a successful Swiss businessman and entrepreneur who believes the best way to build sustainable growth lies in collaboration between the social sector and the business world. The Womanity Foundation’s approach to carrying out its mission focuses on a close collaboration with social entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial organizations addressing women’s empowerment and progress.

•Support girls and women’s access to quality education and vocational training.
•Create employment, revenue generation and professional career opportunities for women.
•Promote avenues that give women a voice in society, politics and governance institutions.
•Protect women and girls’ physical and psychological integrity.

Garage Italia Customs of Milan Italy is the brainchild of Lapo Elkann, the New York-born Italian entrepreneur, style icon, and grandson on Giovanni Agnelli, the late chairman of Fiat Automobiles. Garage Italia Customs matches their customer’s favorite suit, dress, or any fashion accessory to any vehicle they desire. 

Garage Italia Customs does not make performance modifications, rather the restyling of the vehicles using the techniques from the world of haute couture (high end one of a kind fashion). Just as a tailor made outfit follows the lines of the body harmoniously, Garage Italia Customs aims at making any vehicle unique.

Women are the most precious resource. It is our duty and obligation to protect and respect them at all times. This is why I am proud to support the Womanity Foundation, which has been pursuing successful projects for the past 10 years to assure the integration of women in society and to protect them from violence and abuse of power. I trust that the exclusive Jeep Renegade we created with Garage Italia Customs will contribute to gather more important funds for the Foundation and its causes this evening.” said Lapo Elkann.

After careful study, the Garage Italia Customs Style Center maestros decided to personalize the Womanity Foundation car with a houndstooth (pied de poule) textile pattern long recognized as a symbol of elegance and sartorial workmanship and provides class and elegance to every woman who wears it.

The Style Center created a sophisticated black and white design houndstooth print film 2016 Jeep Renegade and applied it to all surfaces of the Renegade’s body. The Renegade’s interior were customized by special printed houndstooth leather supplied by the Turin Italy firm  Foglizzo which has been in business since 1921 creating custom leather for distinctive needs.

Donated by Jeep Switzerland the ground-breaking crossover SUV built in Melfi, Italy was auctioned on February 4 during the Womanity Gala organized to celebrate the foundation’s 10th anniversary. The star-studded evening celebration raised a previously unsurpassed $ 2.6 million for the Foundation.
Information, photographs and logos for this article were provided by Burner Commutations

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