Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Clayzilla system
The appearance of their cars is important to an auto enthusiast, but that great appearance cannot require a big investment in money, time, or effort.  At the 2015 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas, Surf City Garage introduced their patented  ClayZilla system which meets the enthusiasts’ needs.  ClayZilla is the first major innovation in surface preparation  and paint restoration since the clay bar was invented in 1990.
Surf City Garage says that ClayZilla:

-          Lasts 5 times longer than a clay bar
-          Restores a car’s paint at a fraction of a clay bar’s cost
-          Gives you a Monster Shine® and smooth-as-glass surface
-          Is ultra-safe – no embedded contaminants ever
-          Is extremely easy to use.
The ClayZilla Surface Prep System which retails for $24.99 includes:
-          The ClayZilla ergonomic hand-held tool
-          A replaceable Zilla Pad® lasts for up to 20 cars
-          One 8oz bottle of Zilla Juice® Detailer for lubrication

ClayZilla (www.clayzilla.com) is available directly from Surf City Garage (www.surfcitygarage.com) and, starting in early 2016, at Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys and Walmart. Watch the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts3SM81-RIM
The product information and photograph for this article were provided by Surf City Garage

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